I figured we could list some cool links, information, ideas and photos on this page to ignite our imaginations and motivation to get this project going! Who will be the first to contribute? :)

http://www.endangeredspecie.com/ This is a great website I found. It has lots of great resources. For example, you can search endangered species by state, it lists books on endangered species, and it has a kids/teacher corner on the website. - Hanna

http://www.georgiawildlife.com/node/1464 I found this link, its about the animal conservation in Georgia, They talk about how they are working on protecting the endangered species in our state. There was a link about the Right Whale and I found the video clip very interesting, - Erin.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzkW4xKaiL8 , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXe05vgVZmo - these are 2 different videos but they are the same song so watch the videos and let me know which ones you think would be the best ~Rebekah Roberts

http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/ - this is a website I found through one of the videos that is dedicated to just information about polar bears ~Rebekah

http://www.kidsplanet.org/factsheets/map.html- this is the main link for the website that has all of the different fact sheets
this is the link for the polar bear fact sheet -> http://www.defenders.org/wildlife_and_habitat/wildlife/polar_bear.php ~Rebekah

http://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/polar-bears-craftsideasactivitieskids.html - this is the website for the different craft ideas for polar bears

http://www.twigglemagazine.com/January-activities/polar-bear-snack.html - this is the snack idea that the website had that we discussed we could do cupcakes (or figure out a healthy alternative) instead ~Rebekah

http://funcrafts4kids.com/polarbear.aspx - this is the hand-print craft, I think this one is a really good idea ~Rebekah

elephants.jpgthese are the pictures I shared in class ~Rebekah

ISBN #'s for the books I shared at our last meeting:
0-8027-9563-3 : Gone Wild An Endangered Animal Alphabet by David McLimans
0-06-053598-9 : Almost Gone by Steve Jenkins
978-1-4358-2810-0 : Save the Polar Bears by Sarah Eason
0-618-44555-2 :Gorilla Doctors, Saving Endangered Great Apes by Pamela S. Turner

This is an interesting article about the legal aspects of polar bear endangerment. It refers to the endangered species act (probably something we should be familiar with) ~Tiff

This is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Website and it has an "endangered species program." You can also look up an. species state by state here. They even have a "For Kids/Educators" section (it is the very last tab on the right.) ~Tiff

Here's the direct link to the POLAR BEAR page on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Site:
it's a species profile and includes a map of their occurance as well as other basic and detailed information about their condition.

More fws.gov: http://alaska.fws.gov/fisheries/mmm/polarbear/issues.htm
has population history, fact sheet, range map, frequently asked questions, Potential Effects of Contaminants and/or Climate Change on Polar Bears, Potential Over-harvest of Polar Bears, Human Development in Polar Bear Habitat, ect.

Angie's Books:

McLimans, David. Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet. Walker Publishing Company, Inc., 2006.

Hoare, Ben and Tom Jackson. Eyewitness Endangered Animals. DK Publishing, 2010. (Included a useful CD and ways to help)

Endangered Animals. Fog City Press, 2007. (Great photos)

Mills, Andrea. Animals Like Us - The World's Endangered Species Speak Out. DK Publishing, 2005. (I enjoyed this book a lot)

Herzog, Brad. S is for Save the Planet: A How-to-Be Green Alphabet. Chelsea: Sleeping Bear Press, 2009. (Informational)

Owens, Mary Beth. Panda Whispers. New York: Dutton Children's Books, 2007. (Fictional Story)

Angie's Website and Video:

^This website is useful in searching for endangered species, plants, and animals. There are links to search by specific areas. There is also a featured creature.

^I used this website a lot. It's designed for children, so it would be a great resource for children to use. The categories are animals, games, videos, stories, activities, people & places, photos, and blogs. I printed off a lot of collector's cards that included a picture of the animal and information that children can cut out.

^This is a video I came across while looking up endangered animal resources. It includes names of specific animals.

Activity- creating a polar bear by using shapes. letting the students be creative in what shapes they use to create their polar bear.